Hiking The White Mountains

I've always wanted to take up hiking but never made the time or found the opportunity to do so. Thanks to two special people in my life that has all changed. One inspired me to start hiking the other convinced me to start living. The latter sent me the following in an email not too long ago:

Happiness really is a choice. Things that "happen to us" are just temporary events...they do not define us, unless we give them energy. What defines us is what we are choosing in the moment.

We can either choose to be a victim or a victor. Both identities carry an energy...one will tear you down and the other will lift you up. You decide.

This is the beginning of a new path for me. I like to get outdoors and love the solitude of solo hiking. I enjoy discovering what the mountains have to offer, the quietness of my thoughts and the decompressing from the daily issues of life as we know it. The lifelong dream of doing the Appalachian Trail will someday be a reality, sooner than later. In the meantime, the current goal is to climb all 48 of New Hampshire's 4000 footers. So the journey begins and around every corner or opening through the trees lies a new path with a better view than the one before it.

For those of you who want to know where Hops On Rocks derived from well it came to me on a trip up East Osceola from Greeley Ponds. Those of you who have climbed it understand. Those of you who have climbed the White Mountains understand. Those of you who don't get it, climb the White Mountains and you'll understand. 'Nuff Said.