Arizona 2012

Friday the 24th, 2012

The End

The final day in Arizona, a quick but very satisfying and filling vacation. We did so much in one week and yet there is still tons more to see and do. A good reason to come back to this area. Everyone slept in a little later than normal today and then it was time to pack and one last breakfast at our favorite restaurant. A quick stop heading north on 179 so Lisa could get her picture with the Chicken Bitch (I know it is a rooster but there is an inside joke with her sister) and we are heading to Jerome.

The ride to Jerome wasn't that long, about 45 minutes, and once in view it is quite an amazing sight to see this little town sitting way up on a mountain in the middle of nowhere. Once a mining town now it is nothing more than a tourist stop. The museum has access to one of the entry shafts and looking down you can not see the bottom. The shaft is 1900 feet deep, by comparison the Empire State Building is 1250 feet.

A stop at the Gold King Mine Ghost Town, which is basically one huge junk yard, was interesting but not at all worth the stop. The rest of the town is quaint and cute and trying to revitalize itself other then!

Back on the road and heading back to Phoenix. We arrived in Phoenix and the plan was to buy dinner and bring it back to June and Jovettes' house. A stop at Church's Chicken and a miscalculation on how much we would all eat left a lot of chicken for June to eat. He could not eat with us as he had to work that day and expressly asked that we leave some for him. Believe me there was plenty left over for him. Personally I still think the Colonel is best and Popeye's right behind.

Afterwards, Nakita snoozed, Lisa played with Grace and I went out to catch the sunset. Should have gone up the street to a more open spot but hey that's hindsight.

One final shot

and it was time to head to the airport for the red eye flight back to NH.