June 1, 2014.

A hike with the two brothers, a first for the three of us hiking together, the sis-in-law, the new niece, her brother and girlfriend, plus the next in line to be married niece and her fiance. Destination, Mt Kearsarge, in Michael's backyard. Haven't been up here in years and if I had to put a time frame on it I would guess the early 90's.

A new approach for me this time from the north parking at the Winslow State Park Picnic Area. Once everyone arrived it was time to head up the Winslow Trail. As the pace is set the three amigos lag behind and enjoy some good banter on the way up. The trail is a short 1.1 miles up from the parking lot. Reaching Halfway Rock and there is a great view from atop it.

There are views all the way into VT and the White Mts.

Okemo, Ascutney and Salt Ash Mt

Franconia Ridge in the Distance

There is the obvious haze but not that bad for being the 1st of June. Up the trail and it is not long before we break out onto the summit ledges. For the first time from a distance I can see my backyard mountains. Mt Monadnock off in the distance.


North Pack and Pack Monadnock are also in my backyard.


Taking more pictures from the 360° summit and then over to a quiet spot for a break with the family. Unfortunately Mike had to leave early due to commitments but it was nice to hike with him for the first time. The return trip would be down the little longer Barlow trail and other than a couple of nature shots it was a pretty gentle walk in the woods back to the parking lot.


Final numbers: 2.7 miles