North Pack Monadnock

May 27, 2014.

Another short hike up to the old standby, North Pack Monadnock. Made pretty good time heading up the Wapack Trail from Mountain Road to the summit. Out again with no backpack, GPS or camera. Just on a mission to keep the legs in shape and the cardio. Reaching the summit and I see the only person for the day and continue south along the Wapack Trail making my way over to Cliff Trail. It's a fun day in the woods with no weight on the back as I make my way across the Cliff Trail and for once I don't get turned around in the lower area before the cliff. Looking back this is only the second time that I have hiked this trail in this direction. A lot more miles and more experienced makes this trail seem quite different than quite a few years ago. Reaching the base of the cliff and up and over to the viewpoint. Back across to the summit of North Pack and then a quick trip down to the parking lot.

Final numbers: 5.1 miles