North Pack Monadnock Trails

May 28, 2014.

The plan on this wet day is to finish some trails on North Pack that I haven't done yet. I've done everything with the exception of two link trails between Ted's and Carolyn's Trails. Heading out on Ted's Trail first and then reaching the junction with Carolyn's Trail I stay right taking Carolyn's. It was at this intersection that I saw two deers back over a year ago. It is also at this intersection that there is a distinct trail heading west that is not on a map. I'll check that out at the end if time permits. Heading out on Carolyn's Trail and shortly up is the swamp and the boardwalk trail is all under water. Knowing where it goes I turn back and bushwhack parallel to the bog and soon intersect the trail just on the other side. From here the climb up towards North Pack begins and on the way I spy another trail, less obvious, on my right heading down. Odd I had never seen this before in the two times I have been on this trail. Especially since it would be more obvious heading down the trail. Curiosity getting the better of me and I head down to see where it goes. Following it for some ways and I decide that it will have to wait for another time to see where this trail actually goes. Back up to the trail and I reach the higher of the two link trails as the misty rain falls. The links are short and I miss the intersection on this first one as I come out onto a viewpoint I have been to before. Nothing to see today but I turn around looking for the junction and eventually find it and head down on Ted's Trail to the other intersection. At the top of the waterfall is the other intersection and I do an out and back on this link returning to the waterfall. Continuing down and the waterfalls and cascades are in good flow with the rain and makes the trip down rewarding. Back at the original junction with Ted's and Carolyn's Trail and time to find out where the other mystery trail goes. It is a wide almost old logging trail and as I reach a brook with a plank bridge. Motoring along and my foot hits the bridge and I fall awkwardly banging my shin on the edge. A few curse words as this is exactly what I didn't want to happen, out training to get back to the AT and get hurt over something as "easy" as stepping on a plank. With the rain the wood is as slippery as ice and I get up and gingerly make my way across. A short ways up and the trail pops out onto an open field and down to the right a ways away is a house. Feeling I have gone as far as possible a quick jaunt back and out of the woods to the car.

Final numbers: 5 miles, 2 hours and 30 minutes.