Peaked Hill Pond

October 5, 2014.

The last hike of the day and another short one. It is just 1.6 miles up to the pond and most of it follows an old logging road.

The beginning of the hike starts out parallel to I-93 which can be seen through the trees to my right as I make my way beyond the gate.


Right past the gate is a wooden building and unlocked. Peering in and there is a large holding tank for when the maple sap runs in the spring. The sap is carried down via all the hoses connecting the trees together.



The trail, which is actually a road, gradually climbs up and at the beginning is pretty washed out.

Up further a ferocious North American Eatimus Acornist is spotted.

Soon the trail splits and the left leads out into an old pasture.

Merging back with the trail and this feels like a wind down hike as the road is a mellow walk through the woods. Just before where the trail turns off the road and heads towards the pond there is an old logging clearing.


It is a short jaunt down to the pond and a very idyllic spot to spend a day. There is a canoe and a flat bottom boat on the shore. Only problem is the oars are broken so as tempting as it is I do not venture out in either of them.


And a pano shot of the entire pond.

A little poking around and it is time to head back. I had the whole hike up and the pond to myself until I got back to the logging road. From there down I came across five other persons going up.

Final numbers: 3.2 miles, 1 hours and 20 minutes.

Redline Miles: 1.6, Total to Date: 616.6