Granite Town Rail Trail

May 20, 2014.

A week and a half after gall bladder removal surgery and just having the staples removed last Thursday I was itching to get outside and do some hiking/walking. What better than a beautifully sunny day and a nice flat stretch of old rail trail. I have been on this trail before with Lisa but we only went out three miles and back. Wanting to see what was on the "other" side of the Milford/Brookline town line I planned to go all the way as long as I felt good. The trail stretches from Milford to Brookline and is seven miles from end to the other. So starting at noon I set out from the Milford side.

The trail starts out behind the Milford DPW garage and is a straight shot right up to the crossing with Union St. After crossing the trail detours beside Route 101 before turning left under the the highway via a tunnel. Here the trail passes on the back side of houses that abut Armory Road. Reaching the Armory Road intersection and the trail diverges from the original railroad grade by the trailer park. The original rail bed can be seen at the opposite end of the diversion in the picture as it is blocked with branches.

A few minutes and a lone lady slipper, a sure sign of spring.

With the town being known for it's granite why not a granite wall along the rail bed.

For all you hiking fanatics this trail will make you feel a lot different about Lincoln Woods! With just a few exceptions it is nothing but seven miles of straight trail.

Further up and one section of trail that is bordered by a beaver bog is no longer as the water level is way down.

Not sure if someone breached the beaver dam or if the beavers dammed up a new section further up the trail as there was another dam about five minutes up the trail.


Another pond up the trail offered a great reflection on this calm and sunny spring day.

Just after crossing the power lines, which is also the town line for Brookline, and the trail changes from a woodsy closed in rail trail to a more open with partially exposed granite that looks like it was removed to make way for the trains.

The Brookline portion has a lot more trails intersecting with the rail trail and along one section another pond with a bridge over an outlet.


Will have to come back to this area to do some exploring to see where all these trails go. Surprisingly I am feeling pretty good as I arrive at Potanipo Pond which is off a side trail and close to the end of the trail.

Just up the trail is Camp Tevya, a Jewish camp along the shores of Potanipo Pond, and I continue hiking through to the other end where the entrance to the camp is off Mason Road. Not sure the trail actually goes through this camp but on the other side of Mason Road is a covered bridge and beyond that a trail that leads out to Route 13.


Reaching the "end" and it is time to turn around for the seven mile hike back. It goes by relatively quickly and except for the feet I felt really good for not hiking for two weeks. It was especially great to get out of the house and back on the trails enjoying the backyard sights.

Final numbers: 14 miles, 5 hours and 30 minutes.