Skatutakee and Thumb Mts

May 30, 2014.

I've heard of these two peaks from other reports and after seeing them yesterday from Crotched Mt it is time to head up. Located in Hancock off the King's Highway and I park at the Harris Center who owns the land surrounding it.

Across the King's Highway and onto Harriskat Trail. The trail meanders through the woods passing an area where they must teach people how to built primitive lean-tos as there are a number of them scattered throughout this area. Shortly the trail reaches the junction with Thumbs Down Trail and I make the right hand turn onto this trail. It then turns onto an old woods road and starts climbing up to Jacks Pond. It is a very quiet and peaceful spot below the shoulder of Skatutakee (Abenaki for "a fire swept by here") Mt.


Along the shores a small abundance of Lady Slippers.


The trail up to the junction with Thumbs Up is fairly easy and passes by several stone walls along the way. Reaching the junction and it is a short scramble up to the summit of Thumb Mt.

By the lookout view there is a sacrificial ring where they offer baby lambs during the solstice.

Just kidding! I have no idea why someone arranged those stones in the manner that they are. From the viewpoint is Mt Monadnock.


Looking the opposite direction is Skatutakee Mt with the Packs behind it.


And a panorama of the Wapack Range.

For the most part the walk over to Skatutakee from Thumb is pretty mild and takes thirty-five minutes. Skatutakee is a wide open ledge and views aren't clean but with a little effort they can be found. Yesterday's hike on Crotched is just above the trees.

And with a little effort there is Monadnock again just above the trees.

The trip down is uneventful until I spy this odd item in the middle of nowhere next to the trail.

No idea where this is fed from or what it is feeding but a curious find. Back at the junction with Thumbs Down and out to King's Highway for another decent day of hiking.

Final numbers: 4.9 miles, 2 hours and 20 minutes.