Stinson Mt

October 5, 2014.

After a thirty minute drive I arrived at the second hike for the day, Stinson Mt. No tough decisions here as it is a basic out and back. The parking lot was full so I pulled off the side of the road just a short ways beyond.

The temps are in the 50's and it is perfect for this short little climb as I start up the trail.


The trail is relatively flat passing through some great open woods. I am enjoying this day as I head up this old farm road checking both sides of the woods looking for anything interesting. The guidebook mentioned an old cellar hole along the way and that is one of the things I am looking for. I thought I had missed it as I get deeper into the woods but just as I am coming around a corner there it is.


The trail starts to climb but nothing that slows me down as I reach a spot where an old logging road merges with the trail. Just beyond that the trail splits with the left trail being the snowmobile route. I stay right on the hiking trail.


Just under an hour from starting and I arrive at the summit where the old fire tower used to stand. The only remnants left are the concrete footings.


Over to the viewpoint to see what is visible. The cloud ceiling has lifted from earlier this morning when I was on Rattlesnake. Cardigan is no longer smothered in a cloud. In Vermont the mass of Ascutney is visible.


Off in the distance is Mt Kearsarge and further away the faint humps of the Uncanoonucs in Goffstown.


Further to the left are the Belknaps and the Ossipees.


I locate the herd path that leads down to a semi-open area with a view north towards Stinson Lake. Finding the right spot and I get an open view of Moosilauke and all its' sub-peaks, South Peak, Moosilauke, Mt Blue, Mt Jim and Waternomee.


Back to the summit and a return via the snowmobile trail to the split.


An easy and quick out from this point and back to the car to head out for the third hike of the day. My original plan was to head up Mt Carr but between it being in the clouds earlier and that whole area being a nemesis to me plus the time of day I decided to find another spot. Looking at the map and there is a trail off Route 3 that heads up to Peaked Hill Pond. So off I go heading north on Stinson Lake Road and stopping to take a picture of where I just hiked.

Passing by the trail head that leads to Mt Carr and I snub my nose at it. This road leads over to Route 3 via Ellsworth and what a surprise I got when I went through an open area with some views. I have never been on this road before and so glad that I changed my plans. First spot I saw was Sandwich Dome being flanked by Jennings Peak and Black Mt, all three peaks I have been on.

To the left of that the Tripyramids and Sleepers.

Further to the left are Franconia Ridge and Scar Ridge.

And lastly a pano shot of the whole view.

What a bonus that turned out to be, take that Mt Carr!

Final numbers: 3.8 miles, 1 hours and 50 minutes.

Redline Miles: 1.8, Total to Date: 615.0