Boy Mt

August 22, 2015.

The last hike for today is a quickie in the same area, Boy Mt. This small peak among the giants is located right off of Route 2 up behind the roadside spring that I have passed by so many times and usually there are people there filling up there water jugs.

This trail is located on private property and is accessed by walking up the owners driveway. Is an odd feeling walking up someone's driveway to a trail but it is their kindness that keeps this trail open. Behind a small shed and up the hill the trail begins at the edge of the woods.


Can't find any definitive reason for the discrepancies in the spelling of this trail/mountain. All the old maps I looked at show it as Boy Mountain. Bois is a French word for woods. It does show up in the 1922 AMC Guide as both but there is no explanation for the two words. A short steep climb and the path begins to moderate. A couple of left turns onto some old woods roads and the climb continues.


Reaching the concrete marker and the final push to the summit gets steeper and rougher but does not last long.


Just below the view ledge and there is a large pine tree that recently snapped right across the trail. Skirting around it and the reward is visible with Mt Washington straight ahead.


The view point is complete with a bench and before checking out the views I look for the high point. At first it looks like it is right behind the bench but going to that spot and there is a higher point to the east. Heading over and I stand atop Boy Mt for personal satisfaction.


Back to the opening and this short trail has high rewards. Across the way are Mt Dartmouth and Mt Deception. The Dartmouth Range once had trails but have since been abandoned. Far to the right are Garfield with Franconia Ridge in the background.


To the left of Dartmouth Range is Jefferson, Washington, Monroe, Little Monroe, Franklin and Eisenhower. There is also a good view of Castle Ravine just at the edge of the ledge view.


A quick return trip down to Route 2 and my day is done. Four different hikes, three peaks and over sixteen miles in the area and time for these tired legs to head home.

Final numbers: 1.4 miles, 55 minutes.

Redline Miles: 0.7, Total to Date: 904.0