Cobble Hill Trail

April 25, 2015.

Not far away is the next destination of the day. A short out and back hike on Cobble Hill Trail in Landaff that is an old road dating back to at least an 1860 map. Even the Carrigain map of 1816 shows a road heading up this way. It is located just off Route 112 up the road from the junction with Route 116. Interesting side note is the town above Landaff was originally called Concord, today it is known as Lisbon. But in 1764 Concord became Chiswick and Rumford (as Concord was known at the time) adopted Concord in 1765. Yet the 1816 map still shows today's Lisbon as Concord and today's Concord as Concord. I guess the mail really traveled slow in those days!

The trail runs in the valley between Moody Ledge and Cobble Hill. I got this shot on the drive over coming from the trailhead of Black Mt Trail.


At the sharp corner along Route 116 where the road crosses over Whitcher Brook there is this set of mysterious steps by the side of the road. Down the road the spring meltoff is feeding a small fall at Davis Brook.


A quick food break and off up the trail I go. First there is a cascade on Dearth Brook. The brook parallels the trail at the beginning and after a couple of dives into the woods to find it I finally locate the cascade.


Heading up the trail and in the first pocket of snow there are footprints of people being up here earlier today. I pass an old road that comes in from the right and then just beyond is the old South Landaff Road where the tracks lead. Beyond here no one has been up Cobble Hill Trail. Just pass that I notice a faint path leading off to the left and make a note to check it out on the return. The trail is completely covered in the recent snow and it is only an inch or two deep.


It is a gentle climb up through the woods and just after crossing a branch brook on the bridge I notice some stonework in the woods on my right. There is no depression in the ground signifying it being a foundation. Some of the stone walls are rather tall also and the shape and size eliminates it being a house. I am guessing this area might have once been part of a livestock pen.


Across the trail is an old cellar hole shaped like an L. Perhaps this was the residence and the animals were kept on the other side. Looking at the H. F. Walling 1860 map there is a house located at the approximate location owned by a J.M. White. The 1892 map shows the same house being owned by the Leonard Bros.

Less than thirty minutes later and I reach the end of Cobble Hill Trail. The road continues on to Mill Brook Road but this is the turning around point for me.


Heading back down and at the path that was on the left heading up I check it out. Turns out it is an area maintained as a wildlife opening.


Back at the junction with South Landaff Road I figure I have some time to check out this old road for a bit. It is a wet mucky road and I only go up to the first old apple orchard that the state maintains for the wildlife to eat. Just beyond is the first old foundation and this is where I decide to come back another day when the road is drier. It is about two miles in length and I would rather take my time exploring this area.


So a rather quick retreat and I make it back to the parking lot. Another couple of trails knocked of the list and on both I saw no one all day.

Final numbers: 5 miles, 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Redline Miles: 2.1, Total to Date: 756.7