Mt Blue, Moosilauke and South Peak

September 26, 2015.

I'll try to make this short at least word wise as I have been up to Moosilauke five times prior to today and everyway conceivable, at least via the trails. Andy, Nancy, Phil and Jen are making their first foray up this mountain and seeing it from someone else's eyes is always cool. Leaving a car spot just below the Ravine Lodge and we head over to Beaver Brook to head up and over from that direction.

The plan was to meet at seven and Andy wasn't going to come because he was having some nagging injuries. I was the first to arrive just after 6:30 and while waiting got these two pictures of South Peak and Moosilauke basking in morning alpenglow.


Next, surprisingly, Andy showed up with Nancy and decided he was going to tough it out and try heading up with us. Unfortunately Jen and Phil arrived last as she was trying to get there before us breaking her reputation of being the last to arrive. To her credit, though, she was early for the 7:00 meetup time. Making the drive over to Beaver Brook and it was boots on the trail at 7:30. This is my third time up Beaver Brook Trail and having the luxury of going slow I've never appreciated all the cascades and falls on Beaver Brook like I did today. So without further boring you with the story I bring you pictures of Beaver Brook and all it's glory.


I never realized how many there were.


And they just keep coming.


Andy and Jen are in the middle for scale.


Even more with Phil down low and Nancy up high on the second shot.


Eventually all good things must come to an end as the trail climbs away from the brook and into the woods.


A quick side trip to the shelter then back up to Beaver Brook Trail where the trail levels out for a bit and is a nice walk through varying woods.


Through the bouldery section and then we reach the bushwhack which is now a well defined spur path to Mt Blue. Someone mentioned to me a few days ago about hitting the "other" four thousand footers in the area along the way. So I led everyone up the path to the very wooded summit of Mt Blue much to the chagrin of everyone. Hey as much as they all complained as to why we were here how often will five of us be on Mt Blue and including Mike now six have whacked to Blue.

To whomever took the jar from Mt Blue a big shame on you for stealing some history. Moving along and at one of the viewpoints Moosilauke is not far away. A zoom reveals that the cairns that someone knocked down have been rebuilt.


We make it past the junction with Benton Trail and pass by the warning sign just before breaking out of the trees. It is unfortunate that some people fail to adhere to the request as this sign is on every trail on Moosilauke as you break treeline. The guy to the right of the cairn was walking on the grass all the way until I politely asked him to stay on the trail.


Reaching the summit and it is crowded as usual but for such a glorious day not as crowded as it has been. Taking a break and then off to the next destination of the day, South Peak.


The Carriage Road between Moosilauke and South Peak is one of my favorite ridgewalks. The trail is quite evident both heading over and looking back.


The spur path to South Peak is listed as 0.1 mile but it always seems longer than that. The views are just as impressive as from Moosilauke and after some picture taking we head back to the Carriage Road to head down to Snapper Trail.


This section of trail is one of my least favorites as it is eroded and rocky most of the way. There are peek-a-boo views along the way as we make it to Snapper Trail in forty minutes.


Snapper Trail goes by pretty quickly as the terrain is much better. Merging onto Gorge Brook Trail and then back to the cars and we are done. Three four thousand footers for the gang, only one counts on the official list, and a lot of razzing for bringing them to Mt Blue.

Bonus time! Sunday while at the computer I heard the now very familiar sound that happens every time near fall. Looking out from the deck and the hot air balloon is flying right by the house.


Double bonus as Sunday night was the blood moon eclipse.




Final numbers: 8.3 miles, 7 hours and 40 minutes.

Redline Miles: 0, Total to Date: 914.7