Mud Pond

August 22, 2015.

A short and quick hike on the fairly new Mud Pond Trail located off Route 116 in Jefferson. More info on this unique trail can be found here.

Just a short ride over from the Pondicherry Rail Trail head I arrive to the Mud Pond parking lot pleasantly surprised. Located at an old log landing site this a completely handicapped accessible trail.


Where the trail makes the first turn to the right there is a small birdhouse beside the trail and just beyond a view of Owl's Head through an opening. It was just seven hours ago that I was standing on top of Owl's Head.


The trail makes a series of switchbacks for grading reasons and rounding the last one is something I did not expect.


A boardwalk. Can't say I have seen one of these yet in my over 900 miles of trails in the White Mountains. It is oddly out of character but a nice change as it leads you down to the pond. Someone put a lot of thought into this boardwalk as it curves along never exposing what is ahead. About midway down there are rails missing and I thought this already has maintenance issues but instead it turns out they were purposely left out for wildlife to cross.


Not much farther down and the boardwalk turns left bringing you to the edge of Mud Pond with a decent sized viewing platform.

A nice peaceful spot to spend some quiet time as it comes complete with benches. In the winter time there is a trail that connects Mud Pond Trail and Little Cherry Pond Loop Trail for cross country skiers. That would explain a trail I saw leading off the loop when I was over there earlier. There is also the Sate Champion Black Spruce located along the trail. Unfortunately I did not know about this at the time so a return trip is in order.

Final numbers: 1.2 miles, 25 minutes.

Redline Miles: 0.6, Total to Date: 903.3