Province Pond

October 26, 2015.

Thanks to my getting a ride back to Kearsarge Trail that left me with enough time to get a short hike in near the area. Heading up and over Hurricane Mt Road, then past the Weeks Brook Trail head and turning left onto Peaked Hill Road. A couple miles up the road and I reach the trail head for Province Brook Trail.

This is a short 1.6 miles out and back hike to Province Pond. Province Brook Trail is mostly a wide snowmobile trail with a very mild grade all the way. Not much for scenery along the way other than some erratics littering the woods and one large yellow birch that is straddling a boulder.


Did I say the trail was wide and mild?


It takes less than thirty minutes to reach the outlet of Province Pond aptly named Province Brook. At the southern end of the boggy part of Province Pond is a man-made earthen dike with a concrete sluice for an outlet.


Located at the northern end of the pond is the Province Pond Shelter. On the western shore is Mt Shaw with a cliffy perch, might be an interesting spot to visit someday.


The trail finally veers off the snowmobile trail and into the woods not far from the shelter. More erratics line the path especially this big one.


Pulling close to the shore and there is a pyramid shaped rock on the shoreline. Swinging around the north shore and the trail leads to and ends right at the shelter.


The shelter is actually in rather good shape and I wonder who uses it more, hikers or snowmobilers?


The view is quite good from the shelter looking out across Province Pond.

Not much to say about the trail leading in but definitely a good spot if you are seeking solitude and quiet in an out of the way shelter right next to the shore. Heck there might even be fish in there for your evening meal!

Final numbers: 3.2 miles, 1 hours and 20 minutes.

Redline Miles: 1.6, Total to Date: 972.3