Paul's Path

September 7, 2015.

No pictures on this hike as I joined Paul the next day after hiking Deboullie and Black Mts for a walk through the woods around his house.

Just a peaceful time through some great woods and a visit to a spot where Paul's family used to have a maple sugar shack. There are some remnants still there which always peak my interest like the face of an old wood stove.

Next to the area is a white berry that Paul wanted to know about as he tastes one and it is very bitter as he spits it out. A quick search on the Internet and it is White Baneberry. To quote Wikipedia:

Both the berries and the entire plant are considered poisonous to humans. The berries contain cardiogenic toxins which can have an immediate sedative effect on human cardiac muscle tissue, and are the most poisonous part of the plant. Ingestion of the berries can lead to cardiac arrest and death.

I think it goes without saying that Paul will not be eating these berries ever. Thanks Paul for sharing your daily path through the woods with me. I wish I had something like this in my back yard.

Final numbers: 3.5 miles, 1 hours and 40 minutes.

Redline Miles: 0, Total to Date: 904.0