Waternomee Falls

May 9, 2015.

Returning to last weeks adventure for a quick out and back to get the small portion of trail I missed up to Waternomee Falls. It was one of those do I go now or do I wait decisions. Figuring the next time I am in the area the water flow would not be as good I figure why not now. Only thing is it didn't quite fit into my agenda for the day but that is life.

Parking at the same spot as last week and I leave with no pack or poles. Just the GPS in my pocket and I head up the road past the house on the left and through the field. Once in the woods I spy some blossoming off to my left and it is the first Hobblebush of the season.

Right behind it and a double bonus is the first Painted Trillium.

Up past the old car hood and then a quick picture of the crushed car and a confirmation of the maker, Pontiac.

It only takes twenty minutes to reach the path for Waternomee Falls. A few minutes later and I am at the brook with the cascades that I mistook for Waternomee Falls last week. Across the brook is the path and I remember seeing it last week but for some reason did not think too much about it at the time.


Across the brook and up over the knoll as the trail drops down into a small ravine to Waternomee Falls. While small it is impressive and the flow is making it worth the trip back out here.


Up at the top of the falls and I take a picture looking down over the falls. Turning to take one upstream and I notice a plastic container tucked in a notch at the base of a tree. It is a geocache and the only entry in it is from when the person left it here two years ago. I leave a note and find it odd that no one else has been here as geocaching seems to a hot thing now.


Back down the trail, across the brook and right before the junction with Carr Mt Trail I finally see what I have been looking for since I started hiking back in 2011. I saw plenty of them last year down south while hiking the Appalachian Trail but never in NH until now. Ladies and Gentleman I present to you the Purple Trillium!


As I turn to return to the trail I see another one and then another. JACKPOT! I've found the Purple Trillium breeding ground. They are all over this area and I don't know how I missed them on the way in. Each one is different in it's own way and has it's own character look to it.


I even find two of them side by side.



Out of the woods and across the field I go with a bounce in my step from what started out as a mistake missing the falls last week to finding some sure signs of spring finally arriving in the Whites. Right before reaching the car, about a hundred yards, I see a triple Purple Trillium and again I do not know how I missed this earlier.

Turns out screwing up last week had it's rewards this week and being in a great mood now it is off to the next destination of the day, Doublehead Mt.

Final numbers: 2.4 miles, 1 hours and 10 minutes.

Redline Miles: 0, Total to Date: 759.8