Boundary Line Trail

August 14, 2016.

A wicked short hike since Lisa and I spent the weekend up north. While she slept in I got up early to get one loose trail and do a section of trail I had errantly marked as done on my redlining spreadsheet. So without further ado I bring you Boundary Line Trail.

Jewell Trail is located across the street from the hiker parking lot and I need to do the section from here up to the junction where the spur trail leads from Marshfield Station. Back when I did this trail in March of 2012 the lower section was closed due to Hurricane Irene and the mess she made. When I decided to redline the trails I mistakenly marked it as 100% done. Into the woods I go packless as there is very little mileage or elevation gain today.


A few minutes and I can hear water ahead of me and with all the rain we got this weekend, it poured both Friday and Saturday nights, I hope the crossing is not a problem. Sure enough I reach the Ammonoosuc River and although it is not very wide here the river is flowing fairly good. Crossing doesn't look too bad but as I am looking around for a rock hop path I notice off to my left a bridge.


Sweet! No worries now as I cross over and continue up Jewell Trail. Ten minutes from starting and I reach the junction for Boundary Line Trail. This trail is pretty much a straight shot across the terrain to Jefferson Notch Road. Other than this one ferny section encroaching on the trail the path is quite easy and relatively good footing all the way.


The woods are dark as the cloud deck would never lift this weekend. A drop down an embankment to cross Clay Brook which was a non issue. Upstream the humidity in the air creates a fog that is rising off the brook and doesn't quite come out in the photo.


About thirty-five minutes from starting and I reach Jefferson Notch Road and cross over to check out Jefferson Brook which parallels the road.


Back up the trail for the return and I marvel at the changing landscape. On this side of Clay Brook the woods are thick and I would never want to venture off trail through here. After the brook crossing the woods are more open I believe due to some recent logging activity but that is just a guess.


Back at Jewell Trail and a left turn to finish up. The trail begins the climb up with the heavy humidity and wet trees really bringing out the piney scents I so love when in the woods.


Less than twenty minutes since returning to the Jewell Trail and I reach the junction for the spur that leads down to Marshfield Station. Not 100% sure I did the whole section between here and Clay Brook I continue along Jewell Trail for insurance. The first time I bushwhacked through the woods from the train tracks to Jewell Trail due to the closure. The second time I did the reroute path but I couldn't remember where it came out. So better to be safe than sorry as I make my way to the bridge and then turn around.


A quick return and then a left onto the spur that leads to the cog railway. Just before the old reroute and I see the only two hikers of the morning as they are heading up. Reaching the Ammonoosuc River and where there was once a bridge I can see no immediate evidence as Irene swept it away. The crossing is no problem as the rocks are spaced apart just right for a dry crossing.


Up the wooden steps and across the tracks before heading down past the early morning crowd waiting for the first train up for the day.


Down by the coal storage and the traditional first train up is the old coal burner just getting ready to leave. Below that are the rest of the biodiesel trains waiting to head up after the coal burner.


After that a one mile road walk back down to the parking lot and one trail complete and another "officially" complete.

Final numbers: 4 miles, 2 hours.

Redline Miles: 0.8, Total to Date: 1161.6