Burnt Mill Brook Trail

July 3, 2017.

The plan for today is to close out the Carters and Baldfaces Region tab on the spreadsheet. I have two trails left in that region which require two separate hikes. First up is a short out and back on the Burnt Mill Brook Trail which is located off of Wild River Road.

For the third straight hike I am heading up to the Wild River Road and this time for the last time while I am redlining. Burnt Mill Brook Trail is located about halfway between Hastings and Shelburne Trail. A fairly early start considering how far this trailhead is from the house as the boots are on the ground by 7:30. The grade is minor as the trail heads up beside its namesake, Burnt Mill Brook, off to my left. Doesn't take long to reach the first of many cascades that I did not know existed on this brook. Pretty sure this trail doesn't see much traffic so not much is out there for trail reports.


Turns out what I thought was going to be a pretty basic and boring out and back was anything but. The brook provided some noise and whenever the roar of water made its presence known there are cascades and waterfalls to check out. Of course the drenching that happened Saturday has most likely helped the water flow.


Further up I had to make the short diversion to head down the embankment to get a shot of what I could hear. The trail itself was still climbing at easy grades on good terrain.


This waterfall I really had to work for as it was down a steep banking to get a good view of. Eventually the trail pulls away from Burnt Mill Brook but faintly in earshot. Where the trail makes a sharp right turn and steepens it was head down as I made my way up. Thanks to the trail maintainer I walked smack into this overhanger which jarred my teeth pretty good. Seems he took the time to cut a branch off the dang thing but didn't remove the major portion overhanging the trail.


The treadway remained in pretty good shape until further up. Getting near the top it get a bit rougher and rockier as I got nearer to the col between West and East Royce.


Reaching the junction and another trail is redlined! Noting the time and I decide to change up my plans for the rest of the day. I had planned to head down Route 113 and do an out and back over Eagle Crag to pick up the Eagle Link Trail. But it is 12.8 miles total and this would have made for a long day. I do still have a bunch of small trails to do so that would be the new agenda for the day. On the way down I heard one more roar from Burnt Mill Brook and figured since my plans have changed I might as well go and check it out.


Back to the parking lot and without any maps I needed to figure out where to head to next. It's not that I don't always have my maps it's just that changing things up I had not planned on so didn't bring my other maps with me. Oh well, they are short trails and I know where they all are.

Final numbers: 4 miles, 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Redline Miles: 2, Total to Date: 1343.7