Church Path

July 3, 2017.

Church Path is located in Randolph just off of Route 2. Just a half mile in length not sure how this trail came to be or when it made it into the AMC Guide.

The path begins on the road to the Randolph water supply. Part way down where the trail enters the woods I pull off to the side and park. Into the woods with just the GPS for my track.


Quickly it reaches an open area which is the Randolph Hill Cemetery. Heading straight down along the wooded edge and I reach Route 2 where there is a view across the way to Madison and Adams.


Back up and I do not feel quite right about the way I came across the field. Off to my right is a strip of woods. As I head over sure enough there is an opening where a trail is. Following it for the one hundred feet and sure enough the feeling was right. At the end is the sign for the trail. A walk down to the church for a picturesque shot.


Back through the woods and just to make sure I got the whole trail I head back up the road to where I saw a trail sign when I turned in. The distances didn't seem right so rather than leaving a hanging chad the short walk is warranted. Back home the map doesn't show this as part of the trail but I wasn't taking any chances.


That being done I move down the road to the next short hike and I do mean short!

Final numbers: 1 mile, 25 minutes.

Redline Miles: 0.5, Total to Date: 1344.2