Hermit Falls

May 21, 2017.

Nothing fancy here...just a quick up and back to pick up the very short loop to Hermit Falls. When I was out here last year coming down off the ridge after doing the two Royces it was getting dark and I didn't want to risk doing this loop without proper light.

It's a short drive up Route 113 to the Basin where the Basin Trail is located. I also missed the beginning of this trail as I was coming out of the woods with a headlamp. Somewhere I got off the trail and came out on the gravel road that the campsites are located on. So a bit of double redemption today as I put both trails officially to bed. The Basin Trail begins at the parking lot for the boat launch for Basin Pond. A short ways up the trail and there is an opening down to the shore for a perfect view up the pond to the cliffs below Rim Junction. The Basin Trail skirts the bottom of these cliffs as it begins the descent down from the ridge.


A few stream crossings along the way and in this area is where I lost the trail and followed a camp path out that night. Winding around the pond the trail merges onto an old road as it heads up to Basin Brook.


Reaching Basin Brook, the main feeder for Basin Pond, and I distinctly remember this spot as it was dark and I just sloshed my way across. There wasn't enough light to figure out a rock hop across and frankly at that time I just didn't care. Today I find a spot off to the left to safely rock hop. Through a wet and muddy section and fifteen minutes after crossing the brook I am at the lower junction for Hermit Falls.


At the brook I stop to get a drink of water and behind me is a large erratic cooling off. Just ahead is the bottom of Hermit Falls, a series of drops along Basin Brook.


The trail climbs steeply next to the falls and to the top. Easily walking out across the top and I get a view down the falls to the bottom. The trail climbs rather steeply up and away from the brook as it makes it way back to the Basin Trail.


Back on the Basin Trail and a quick jaunt back to the trailhead. Now I can check this trail off my list and the Basin Trail is 100% done also.

Final numbers: 3.1 miles, 1 hours and 30 minutes.

Redline Miles: 0.3, Total to Date: 1301.6