Town Line Brook Trail

July 3, 2017.

Probably the shortest hike ever for redlining! A whopping 0.2 mile trail. But it was picturesque for such a short path. Town Line Brook Trail, which does not form the town line, is located off of Dolly Copp Road at the base of Mt Madison.

The trail follows Town Line Brook to the top of three separate falls; Proteus, Erebus and Evans. Quite the combination of names. Proteus Fall is the first and the tallest as it comes dropping out of a gorge.


Erebus Fall would be next where the water has carved out a bowl shape at the base. Finally at the top of the trail is Evans Fall.


Thanks to the deluge two days ago all of the falls were pretty impressive and must have been really a show just after the downpour of 4-6 inches. Luckily there would be no mystery as to where this trail ended as there is a sign at the top of the trail. A look downstream and the brook has gouged out a nice path in the bedrock.


So that is Town Line Brook Trail and maybe a re-visit is in order to follow the brook even further up into the valley. I'd almost bet there are even more hidden gems upstream.

Final numbers: 0.4 miles, 25 minutes.

Redline Miles: 0.2, Total to Date: 1344.4