Bald Mt and Artists Bluff

January 12, 2013.

A quick drive from Coppermine Road to the north side of Cannon and parking across the street in one of the ski lots. This is a wicked short hike with two spur trails to different viewpoints at opposite ends.

The trailhead for Veteran's Trail is located at the north side of the parking lot and quite visible.

A short but steady climb up and the spur trail leading up to Bald Mt, a 2340 foot peak but only 340 feet in elevation gain from the lot, takes off to the left. Not far up and a little challenging scramble up onto a ledge, challenging due to the snow and ice, where I stopped to put on my spikes for traction in getting up the ledge. From the top of the ledge there's some nice shots of the surrounding area.


A short hike up and over the open ledges of Bald Mt and I reach the top. The wind is brisk up on top but manageable. The views are pretty good for the conditions today, cloudy and an undercast towards the northeast.



Back down the way I came and returning to Veteran's Trail to continue on to Artists Bluff. Another short climb up and over two knobs with both having ledges for views. A somewhat steep climb down from the last hump and a spur trail to the top of Artists Bluff, an open ledge that provides fantastic views down Franconia Notch.


Down the trail which is a steep descent and then levels out meeting up with the Loop Trail. A quick out to the end and back to the junction and a little further up another out and in on Short Circuit Trail and back at the car and a short snack break before heading down 93 to do Mt Pemigewasset.

Final numbers: 1.8 miles, 1 hours and 20 minutes.

Redline Miles: 1.5, Total to Date: 288.9