Bridal Veil Falls

January 12, 2013.

The goal today is quite simple, four different hikes on four different locations. Unfortunately I would only get to do three as time and energy would run out towards the end of the day. The first hike is Coppermine Trail up to Bridal Veil Falls located on the west side of Cannon Mt.

A decent heading out of the house time and at the parking spot by 7:45 and on the road walk up to the trailhead by 7:50. The parking spot is on Coppermine Road just of Route 116 in Franconia. The road and beyond belongs to a private development and one can not park up near the trailhead, therefore a .4 of a mile road walk. The AMC map is a little ambiguous as to where the trailhead is actually located. Looking at the map it looks like it is located off of Beechwood Lane, a road that is a left turn off of Coppermine Road. So a left turn I take and looking for a trailhead off this street and I come to a driveway with the following sign.

OK, not the first time a trail has started from a guy's driveway, Snow's Mt Trail, so up the driveway I go and looking around I see no evidence of a trail. Back the way I came and down to Coppermine Road and a left turn onto it and a hundred yards up the road there is the trailhead. So much for trusting an AMC map on this occasion.

Up the trail I go passing a few log homes on the left that appear in the middle on nowhere. The trail is relatively easy and quite enjoyable as I get closer to where Coppermine Brook can be seen from the trail. I duck into the woods and down the banking to reach the brook itself in hopes of finding a rock with a special plaque placed on it. The rumor is that Bette Davis, yes Mommie Dearest, had a plaque placed on a rock in the brook in memory of her husband who she met there while visiting NH. Well wintertime is not the best time to find this plaque, seems to get covered with snow, and I failed on that small mission. But I will come back sometime during the snow less months and search again, even hopefully bringing Lisa as this is a trail she would like.


The trail has a gentle incline all the way up eventually crossing a wooden bridge and then reaching the Coppermine Shelter. A three sided shelter curiously stuck in the middle of nowhere on a dead end trail.


A short distance up the trail behind the shelter is the Bridal Veil Falls. For the most part frozen in ice for the winter with a few exposed spots on the ledgey slabs. The cliffs are also frozen from the dripping water with the hints of blue in them.



The walk back to the trailhead is peaceful and quiet and for such a packed out and popular trail I see no one else until I get back to the car. A nice short and easy little hike and definitely coming back during another time of year, maybe a fall leaf-peeping hike.

Another personal milestone reached, I reached twenty percent done for my red-lining goal. Next up is twenty-five percent before the winter is over.

Final numbers: 5.9 miles, 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Redline Miles: 2.5, Total to Date: 287.4