Fletcher's Cascade

March 2, 2013.

After just completing Welch-Dickey down the street it seemed like a good idea to head up to Fletcher's Cascade. I was intending to do this hike back in November when I did Sandwich Dome but ran out of time. The trail is short and hopefully not too bad.

Beginning at Drakes Brook Trail and heading up the wide and groomed road that doubles for cross-country skiing and hiking it only takes a little over ten minutes to reach Fletcher's Cascade Trail. Luckily someone has been up here recently so I leave the snowshoes on the backpack. It is hard to tell if the tracks are a lone person who did an out and back but looks like fresh tracks from earlier today.


The trail is relatively easy with a slight grade for most of the way. Through a slight clearing I can see Noon Peak, one of the peaks I did on that November hike.

After crossing the north branch of Drakes Brook the trail begins to increase in steepness. The snow is powdery and at least a foot deep and I am still following a lone set of tracks up. About fifty minutes from starting and I reach the first cascade, all frozen in its glory.

Looking down the brook and through the gap in the trees Mt Tecumseh can be seen in the distance.

Continuing up and still following the track(s) the trail does not seem to end. It gets steeper as I go and what seems like forever but in reality only fifteen minutes and I reach the end. On a non-wintery day I am sure these cascades would be quite grand but today they are nothing but frozen in time. Another item for the come back to list.

The mysterious tracks are no longer a mystery as it turns out there were two people heading up and were at the cascades when I got there. Back down the trail and the short hike does not take long to return to the car and time to head home.

Final numbers: 3.2 miles, 1 hours and 45 minutes.

Redline Miles: 1.2, Total to Date: 333.2