Mt Monadnock

August 10, 2013.

An early morning hike on a peak that never gets boring. Lisa's family were down for the weekend for a wedding they had to go to later today so Heather and I got up super early to head over to Monadnock. Up at 5:30 in the morning and out the door fifteen minutes later. A stop at DD then hitting the State park at 6:30 and boots on the ground five minutes later.

Making steady progress up the trail, White Dot, and after passing the White Cross junction the steep slabby sections begin. It only takes thirty-five minutes for us to reach the halfway point.

A few minutes later and a look down one of the slabby bouldery sections.

At the top of this section the first views open up through the trees to the east.

Less than fifteen minutes later and we get our first look up to the summit.

Just after eight and we reach the summit in an hour and a half. A few minutes at the top and then time to get Heather back home so she can get ready to leave for the wedding they are going to.

Heading down White Dot then a right turn onto White Cross and it is careful trip down. The rocks are wet the trail is wet in places from the 2 inches of rain we received the day before.


A couple of slips and bumps here and there and we make it down just as the crowds start to hit up on the second most climbed mountain on the planet! And yes Heather made it back in time but their trip to the Cape for the wedding is another story.

Final numbers: 4.1 miles, 3 hours and 10 minutes.