The Quick Return to North Pack

April 27, 2013.

OK OK...This is not a typo or a mistake in my log. I really did do this whole trip and the same trails two days in a row. It all starts in September of 2011 when I first got the bug for hiking and Lisa and I went to North Pack via the Wapack Trail. She fell short of reaching the summit that day by a few hundred yards and we never tried another peak again. Fast forward to today and she is in much better shape and condition and is on her way to run her first 5K race. So coming home yesterday after doing this hike and excited about the trails I suggested to her that she try this hike. She was in and I am so proud of the progress she has made so far.

Letting her take the lead in regards to pace and we set off just before 11 in the morning. It is a great leisurely pace she sets and gives me more time to take in the sights that most times at my pace I miss. Also the lighting is better for some shots as the sun is higher in the sky. A tree I tried getting a shot of yesterday was impossible because the sun was directly behind it.

Arriving at the waterfall and I am armed with some better info on how to take faster shots to try to get the suspended water effect as it cascades down.


Heading beyond the falls and approaching the steep sections we move slower as uphills still bother Lisa. She's a trooper though and takes her time and stops when she needs to. Just means more photos for me while she rests.


While on another break I play with close-up shots of something I never noticed the day before. They are sprouts coming up from the moss.


Walking along a flatter section with her leading the way and I notice something moving on the trail. I warn her to watch out as she almost steps on it and never saw what it was, probably a good thing too.


Lisa hangs in all the way and turning around is never talked about and before too long we make it to the meadow before the Cliffs and rest for a little bit. I take a few pictures off towards where I think Boston is and luckily I do get some shots even through all haze. The buildings are faint but are viewable.

Back down to Ted's Trail and we make our way to North Pack and finally Lisa is on top of this summit. I can not express how proud I am of her for making it this time and not quitting. She has defeated what defeated her before. It's about 1:45 in the afternoon when we arrive and took us 2 hours and 45 minutes to go up almost 3 miles. The reward, a shot of Monadnock, the mountain that kicked her butt quite a few years ago but she did the whole thing.

I take her over to the north ledge and there is not much to see as it is pretty hazy looking north. Making our way back the way we came we find a spot to sit and have some snacks before making our way down Carolyn's Trail. After snacking we get up and move on heading on the Cliff Trail, a left onto Ted's Trail and then left onto Carolyn's Trail. Making very quick time heading down, I really think this is her favorite part, we descend in less than an hour and a half back to the car. A great day on my favorite little backyard mountain with my favorite love and best friend.

Final numbers: 5.9 miles, 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Redline Miles: 0.0, Total to Date: 357.4