January 12, 2013.

Down through the notch to my next destination, Mt Pemigewasset/Indian Head. As I head down the conditions are quite different than the first two hikes. It is foggy and has warmed up to the high 30's. Arriving at the Indian Head Trail head just below the Indian Head Resort and the lot is unplowed but thanks to the recent rain during the past week it is accessible. There is only one other vehicle in the lot and the plan is to do a loop with a road walk at the end from the Flume parking lot down Route 3 to this lot.

A quick survey of the conditions and I leave the snowshoes behind and head up at 12:35. The trail is not as packed as the other two trails of the day and quite slushy making every step laborious.


After crossing under both lanes of the highway the trail is a steady climb up and for some reason I can feel it more than usual. Granted I've already done 7.7 miles so far but this trail is kicking my butt. The fog is more evident as I get higher and in one spot there are some curious rock features more reminiscent of Arizona than the Whites.


I think the vortex people are infiltrating! It seems like this trail goes on forever and yet it is only 1.76 miles to the top of Indian Head. When I finally get a glimpse of the cliffs and the peak it still looks like a ways away. The last final steep push up is tiring and takes everything out of me as I feel the miles prior catching up with me. Finally the trail tops out and I turn onto the spur trail to the top of Indian Head. On a normal clear day the views must be awesome but today visibility is limited by the fog. The drop offs are sheer and I can not see the bottom through the pea soup.



It took an hour and thirty-five minutes to get up here which in hindsight isn't all that bad, a little over a mile per hour, but it sure felt like it took longer. Time to head back down this time via the Pemigewasset Trail which ends just north of the Flume parking lot. From the top it is 1.8 miles and only took 50 minutes to get down to the trailhead.


Walking down Route 3 and as I am approaching the Indian Head Resort I can see one of NH's Historical Markers and wonder to myself what happened here of any significance. As I get closer I can make out the header and recall the movie of this event made in 1975. It is Highway Marker #224 and it briefly describes the events of Betty and Barney Hill.

A few minutes later, 3:30, and I am back at the car and after a lot of miles and three separate hikes I think it is time to head home and put off doing the Georgiana Falls Trail a 2.4 mile round trip for another day.

Final numbers: 4.9 miles, 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Redline Miles: 3.7, Total to Date: 292.6