The Pinnacle, Lyndeborough Mt and Rose Mt

May 3, 2013.

Round 2 of this Friday afternoon/evening hike/s, Pinnacle, Lyndeborough Mt and Rose Mt. All three are on the same ridge and just a short drive from Winn Mt.


On trail a little after 5:30 and it immediately enters the woods along a gentle grade. A quick dip down to cross a brook and within ten minutes I reach a map posted on a tree.


Heading left at the intersection to hit the Pinnacle first and quickly there is evidence of spring along the trail. Fiddleheads and Hobblebush.


Shortly after and the gentle grade is no more and it is an all too familiar climb, not long but the only semi-steep section of the day, up to the Pinnacle. The summit is an open ledge with limited views due to the trees.

Heading south along an obvious trail and it opens out onto another ledge and the trail continues on until I come to a tee with an unmarked trail. Heading back to the summit and I take a picture towards the north as I can see bumps way off in the haze. Sandwich Dome, Tripyramids, Sleepers, Whiteface and Passaconaway over 70 miles away are the hazy bumps.

Heading on the trail that leads to Rose Mt and another unmarked (as far as the trail map on the tree) trail heads off to the left. So on it I go to explore where it might lead. Pass another ledgey outcropping and then the trail I was on is on my left and I am at the tee intersection I turned around at. Still curious I continue on the trail which soon turns into an old woods road heading down the mountain. Following it down for about a third of a mile I decide to head back and will have to explore this another time. Looking at Google Earth and it is pretty easy to make out the very old road for most of the way.

Heading back up and I reach the other side of Pinnacle and the view from here is much better with Monadnock to the west and Kearsarge to the north.


Across the way are the next two objectives, Lyndeborough and Rose.

Heading down this west spur peak and down into the valley and off towards Lyndeborough Mt via a snowmobile trail. This too is an old woods road being wide and relatively flat as it snakes along the ridge. I reach a spot where there is a good size ledge about ten feet high and head off trail towards it. Not sure why other than ledges sometimes mean views and according to what I have read there does not appear to be a trail to the high spot of Lyndeborough. Up on top and there are no views but there is something on the other side of this ledge. Dropping down towards it and I scare off a rabbit and then in a remote spot:

Yes, that is in the woods near the summit of Lyndeborough, not in someone's back yard. Great spot but probably not appropriate. Rather than head back down the trail I decide to pick my way thru the woods towards the high spot. Most of it is easy going except for one little patch just below the high point. Up and to the top of Lyndeborough and more fire pits and even a curious attempt at a teepee I guess.


Following a path down and lo and behold it ends back up on the snowmobile trail I had left a little ways back. That little whack through the woods was not necessary but it was nice just to tromp through them kind of like when I was a kid in our back yard growing up. A short ways up the trail and Rose Mt comes into view through the trees.

Down into a small valley across a brook and there in the middle of the woods is my ride back home!

OK, OK, so it's missing a few things but what do you expect when you leave your vehicle unattended while hiking? The trail winds around Rose and eventually climbs up its' west side. Part way up and a great view over to Winn Mt.

Popping up onto the summit and the evening sun casts long shadows onto the ground.


It's 7:08 when I arrive and I've got about 40 minutes before the sun sets. A few shots as I poke around, looking back at where I came from, The Pinnacle, and another over towards Monadnock.


People must have way to much time on their hands while up here because just to the west of the summit there is a good size area with all these rock piles looking like sentries.

I start to follow a trail that leads north and decide that I really do not have the time to explore this whole summit area. I will definitely come back here with Lisa and can bet this would be a great place for a sunset watch. Rather than head down the way I came and sweeping back around the base of Rose I decide to whack down its' east face and intercept the trail by the stream I crossed in the valley. It's a time saving move because a little over five minutes and I am back on the trail and heading over to the Pinnacle to make my way down Helen's Trail. Reaching the trail I decide to head back up to the Pinnacle to see the sun setting over Rose Mt.

Back down the trail and right turn onto Helen's Trail and this is more like trail. Rough and through the woods with some wet spots. Just before the first intersection another artifact left in the woods.

Continuing down and pass the intersection and quickly out of the woods right at sunset. What another neat little find in the back yard and I left behind some things to explore for another day.

Final numbers: 5 miles, 2 hours and 20 minutes.