March 2, 2013.

A hike I have been wanting to do since late fall but have put off due to the possibility of ice. There are a lot of ledges on this trail so icy and ledges do not make a good combo. Kind of a late start this morning but not a big issue as this hike is very short, 4.4 miles round trip.

Just before getting off the highway onto Route 49 I look up at the sky and notice a very peculiar sight in the sky. There are two rings in the clouds and not sure if it is natural or man-made.


Arriving at the trail head at 10 in the morning and ten minutes later the boots are on the trail. Two minutes later and the microspikes are on the boots. The trail is very well packed and the weather is breaking between sun and clouds with temps in the mid 30's. A quick thirty minutes into the hike and I arrive at the first ledges that overlook Route 49. The views are not as good as I would like but I'll take whatever I can get. Across the road is Jennings Peak, Sandwich Dome and Black Mt. In front of them is Sachem Peak and Bald Knob.


After that it is just ledge after ledge of views either to the east or south.


Further up and from another ledge the farthest peak that I can see is Ragged Mt down in Danbury. The next ledge and the Tripyramids come into view. A few false summits later and I am on top of Welch Mt. A 360° view panoramic shot.

The actual pointy peak of Tecumseh can just be seen and the slide on North Tripyramid gives a good perspective of how steep that trail really is, still can't believe I went up that thing on my third hike.


Heading down off Welch the north side of the trail is loose and powdery. Taking my time on this steep section and then into the col between Welch and Dickey and a quick dart into some woods before popping out onto another ledge. A look back at Welch.


A quick ten minutes and I am on top of Dickey. Off in the distance I can see the frozen lake of Winnipesaukee.

Moving along as the clouds are thickening and down I go to complete this loop hike. Even on Dickey it is ledge after ledge until I get to the mother of all ledges on Dickey's shoulder.


On down the trail and just before arriving back at the parking lot there is trail sign pointing in the opposite direction for a bike trail that leads all the way up to Tripoli Road.

I'll come back to see where that goes on another day. Great short hike and definitely a come backer in the fall with all the colors.

A quick ride up 49 to the next destination, Fletcher's Cascade, a trail I missed back when I did Sandwich Dome.

Final numbers: 4.4 miles, 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Redline Miles: 4.4, Total to Date: 332