What's New

The intent of this page is to list "new" reports that I have added to the website. Some reports will be current while others are hikes that I have done in the past but have not posted yet due to being too busy and spending the majority of my past time keeping the 48 4000 footers current. At some point I hope to be all caught up but then again there is always something going on and picture IDing does consume quite a bit of my reporting time. One of my pet peeves that bothers me is someone posting a picture with no description or worse an inaccurate description.

Date Hike Trails
3/1/2018 North Pack Monadnock Cliffs Ted's Trail and Cliff Trail
9/23/2017 Phil and Jen Finish the Four Thousand Footers Signal Ridge Trail
9/2/2017 Eagle Link and a Redline Finish Baldface Circle Trail*Eagle Link*Meader Ridge Trail
9/1/2017 Old Speck and a Mahoosuc Finish Old Speck Trail*Mahoosuc Trail*Grafton Loop Trail*Bull Run Campsite Spur*Slide Mt Campsite Spur*Unnamed Trail*Roadwalk
8/31/2017 Mahoosuc Notch and Arm Notch Trail*Mahoosuc Trail*may Cut-Off*Speck Pond Trail*Roadwalk
8/30/2017 A Northern Presi Finish Castle Trail*Israel Ridge Path*Castle Ravine Trail*Emerald Trail*Perch Path*Randolph Path*Gray Knob Trail*Cabin-Cascades Trail*The Link
8/29/2017 Jefferson via Castle Ravine Caps Ridge Trail*The Link*Castle Ravine Trail*Raymond Path*Edmands Col Cutoff*Six Husbands Trail*Mt Jefferson Loop
8/28/2017 Abigail Adams via Chemin des Dames and Great Gully Trail Valley Way*Scar Trail*Scar Loop*Airline*Chemin des Dames*King Ravine Trail*Subway*Great Gully Trail*Lowe's Path*Gray Knob Trail*Hincks Trail*Spur Trail*Randolph Path*Amphibrach*Link
8/27/2017 Mt Clay Trinity Heights Connector*Gulfside Trail*Mt Clay Loop*Sphinx Trail*Great Gulf Trail
8/25-26/2017 Mt Adams Chandler Brook Trail*Great Gulf Trail*Six Husbands Trail*Edmands Col Cutoff*Gulfside Trail*Israel Ridge Path*Star Lake Trail*Buttress Trail
8/19-20/2017 South Twin, Guyot, Bond and Bondcliff Gale River Trail*Garfield Ridge Trail*Franconia Brook Trail*Twin Brook Trail*Frost Trail*Twinway*Bondcliff Trail*Guyot Shelter Spur*Lincoln Woods Trail
8/12/2017 Sunday River Whitecap, Stowe Mt and Bald Mt Logging Road*Unnamed Trail*Grafton Loop Trail West*Roadwalk
8/6/2017 Goose Eye East Peak, Goose Eye North Peak and Fulling Mill Mt South Peak Wright Trail*Mahoosuc Trail*Notch Trail
7/29/2017 Davis Path and Isolation West Davis Path*Mt Crawford Spur*Stairs Mt Spur*Davis Mt Spur*Isolation Trail West*Dry River Trail*Roadwalk
7/21-22/2017 Dry River Wilderness Dry River Trail*Crawford Path*Mt Eisenhower Trail
7/16/2017 Garfield Ridge Trail Skookumchuck Trail*Garfield Ridge Trail*Garfield Trail
7/9/2017 King Ravine Airline*Short Line*King Ravine Trail*Ice Cave Loop*Airline Cutoff*Valley Way*Upper Bruin*Lower Bruin*Watson Path*Scar Trail
7/3/2017 Landing Camp Trail Landing Camp Trail
7/3/2017 Town Line Brook Trail Town Line Brook Trail
7/3/2017 Church Path Church Path
7/3/2017 Burnt Mill Brook Trail Burnt Mill Brook Trail
7/1/2017 Highwater and Shelburne Trails Highwater Trail*Shelburne Trail*Wild River Road
6/17-18/2017 South, Middle and North Carter Shelburne Trail*Highwater Trail*Black Angel Trail*Carter Dome Trail*Carter-Moriah Trail*Imp Shelter Spur*Moriah Brook Trail*Wild River Trail
6/4/2017 More Northern Presi Trails Airline*Short Line*King Ravine Trail*Spur Trail*Lowe's Path*Quay Path*Gray Knob Trail*Randolph Trail*Amphibrach*Link Trail
5/28/2017 Big Attitash Mt Attitash Trail*Moat Mt Trail
5/21/2017 Hermit Falls Basin Trail*Hermit Falls Loop
5/21/2017 Baldface Knob Baldface Circle Trail*Emerald Pool Spur*Chandler Gorge Loop*Baldface Knob Trail*Slippery Brook Trail*Bushwhack
5/20/2017 Cardigan, Rimrock and Orange Mt Holt Trail*West Ridge Trail*Skyland Trail*Vistamont Trail
5/13/2017 Bog Brook Trail & Perkins Notch Logging Road*Bog Brook Trail*Wild River Trail
4/29/2017 Bog Brook Trail Bog Brook Trail
4/30/2017 Tuckerman Ravine Tuckerman Ravine Trail
4/23/2017 North Pack and Pack Monadnock Wapack Trail*Summit Loop Trail
4/2/2017 Imp Loop and Imp Face Imp Trail
2/5/2017 Mt Israel Wentworth Trail*Mead Trail*Guinea Pond Trail*Sandwich Notch Road*Bearcamp River Trail
1/29/2017 Mt Willey and Mt Field Ethan Pond Trail*Willey Range Trail*Avalon Trail*A-Z Trail
1/15/2017 Mt Hale Winter Route*North Twin Trail*Firewarden's Trail
12/10/2016 Cedar Brook Trail Hancock Notch Trail*Cedar Brook Trail*East Side Trail*Roadwalk
12/3/2016 Mt Parker Rocky Branch Trail*Stairs Col Trail*Davis Path*Mt Parker Trail*Mt Langdon Trail
11/26/2016 Carter Dome Bog Brook Trail*Wildcat River Trail*Nineteen Mile Brook Trail*Carter Moriah Trail*Rainbow Trail*Wild River Trail*Logging road
11/25/2016 Rocky Branch Trail Rocky Branch Trail
11/19/2016 Meader Ridge Mt Meader Trail*Brickett Falls Spur*Meader Ridge Trail*View Spur*Eagle Cascade Link*Baldface Circle Trail
11/05/2016 Iron Mt Iron Mt Trail*Mine Spur
11/05/2016 North and South Doublehead New Path*Spur Trail*Old Path*Doublehead Ski Trail
10/20/2016 Mt Carrigain Signal Ridge Trail*Carrigain Notch Trail*Desolation Trail
10/19/2016 Nancy and Norcross Ponds Nancy Pond Trail
10/18/2016 Mizpah Spring Hut Dry River Trail*Mt Clinton Trail*Dry River Cutoff*Mt Eisenhower Trail
10/7/2016 South and North Baldface Baldface Circle Trail*Slippery Brook Trail*Bald Knob Trail*Bicknell Ridge Trail
10/1/2016 Hancock Notch Sawyer River Trail*Hancock Notch Trail*Kancamagus Highway
9/17/2016 Mt Success Success Trail*Mahoosuc Trail
9/16/2016 Mahoosuc Trail Peabody Brook Trail*Mahoosuc Trail*Trident Col Tentsite Spur*Austin Brook Trail
9/15/2016 Goose Eye Mt and Mt Carlo Carlo Col Trail*Goose Eye Trail*Mahoosuc Trail*Carlo Shelter Spur
9/14/2016 Weeks, South Terrace and North Terrace York Pond Trail*Kilkenny Ridge Trail*Bunnell Notch Trail
9/13/2016 The Horn, The Bulge and Cabot Unknown Pond Trail*Kilkenny Ridge Trail*The Horn Spur*Cabot Spring Spur
9/12/2016 Pittsburg Trails Fourth Connecticut Lake Trail*Falls in the River Trail*Coot Trail*Outlook Path*Magalloway Spring Spur*Bobcat Trail*Garfield Falls Path
9/11-12/2016 Dixville Notch Table Rock Trail*Three Brothers Trail*Huntington Cascade Trail*Cohos Trail*Sanguinary Ridge Trail*Table Rock Trail
9/11/2016 Magalloway River Trail and Diamond Peaks Magalloway River Trail*Green Trail*Roadwalk*Diamond Peaks Trail
8/27/2016 Slide Peak and Mt Isolation Glen Boulder Trail*Davis Path*Isolation Spur*Isolation Trail East*Rocky Branch Trail
8/7/2016 Burke Mt Red Trail*West Peak Trail*Summit Trail*Profile Trail
7/3/2016 Two Tripyramids and a Couple of Sleepers Sabbaday Brook Trail*Mt Tripyramid Trail*Kate Sleeper Trail*Downes Brook Trail
7/30/2016 Jefferson and Adams Caps Ridge Trail*Mt Jefferson Loop*Gulfside Trail*Israel Ridge Trail*Airline Trail*Osgood Trail*Pine Link Trail
7/9/2016 Mountain Pond Loop Trail, Saco River Trail and Sam Willey Trail Mountain Pond Loop Trail*Saco River Trail*Sam Willey Trail
8/14/2016 Boundary Line Trail Jewell Trail*Boundary Line Trail*Jewell Trail Spur
7/2/2016 More Trails on the Slopes of Adams Airline*The Link*Amphibrach*Monaway*Ladderback Trail*The Cliffway*Coldspur Ledges Spur*King Ravine Trail*Lowe's Path*Randolph Path*The Brookside*Valley Way
6/26/2016 Bald Mt (Antrim) Tudor Trail*Bald Mt Trail*Tamposi Trail
6/11/2016 Eastman Mt Slippery Brook Trail*Eastman Mt Trail
5/28-29/2016 Wild River East Branch Trail*Wild River Trail*Black Angel Trail*Basin Trail*Blue Brook Connector
5/21/2016 Kancamagus Trails Church Pond Trail*Sawyer Pond Trail*Rail and River Trail*Lovequist Loop*Boulder Loop Trail*Mineral Site Trail*Thompson Falls Trail
5/14/2016 East and West Royce Royce Trail*Laughing Lion Trail*East Royce Trail*Royce Connector*Basin Rim Trail*Basin Trail*Roadwalk
5/1/2016 Red Ridge and North Moat Moat Mt Trail*Red Ridge Trail
4/23/2016 Devil's Hopyard, Rogers Ledge and North Peak Kilkenny Ridge Trail*Devil's Hopyard Trail*Bushwhack to North Peak
4/17/2016 Mt Hayes Mahoosuc Trail*Mascot Pond Spur
4/16/2016 Winniweta Falls Winniweta Falls Trail
4/16/2016 Hall's Ledge Trail and Hutmen's Trail Hall's Ledge Trail*Carter Notch Road*Hutmen's Trail*Roadwalk
4/16/2016 Brook Path Brook Path*Roadwalk
4/10/2016 North Pack Monadnock Ted's Trail*Carolyn's Trail*Cliff Trail
3/26/2016 Cathedral Ledge and White Horse Ledge Saco Lake Trail*Bryce Path*Bryce Link*Cathedral Ledge Trail*Red Ridge Link
3/19/2016 Mt Ingalls and Mt Cabot(Shelburne) Gates Brook Trail*Scudder Trail*Mt Cabot Connector*Blue Trail*Orange Trail*White Trail*Red Trail*Yellow Trail
1/30/2016 North and South Hancock Hancock Notch Trail*Cedar Brook Trail*Hancock Loop Trail
1/9/2016 Mts Langdon, Pickering, Stanton and Four Crippies Mt Langdon Trail*Mt Stanton Trail*Roadwalk
1/1/2016 Meandering On the Slopes of Madison Fallsway*Sylvan Way*Randolph Path*Inlook Trail*Kelton Trail*Brookbank*Valley Way*Beechwood Way
12/26/2015 3 Weeks in One Day Starr King Trail*Kilkenny Ridge Trail
12/19/2015 Nash Stream Forest Area Trails Bald Mt Notch Trail*Rowells Link*Old Summer Club Trail*Victor Head Trail*Roadwalk
12/12/2015 A Trip to Purgatory (Falls) Purgatory Brook Trail
12/5/2015 Unknown Pond Mill Brook Trail*Kilkenny Ridge Trail*Unknown Pond Trail*York Pond Road
11/28/2015 Three Trails in Jackson NH Bald Land Trail*Black Mt Ski Trail*Eagle Mt Path
11/27/2015 South, Middle and North Tripyramid Livermore Trail*Mt Tripyramid Trail*Pine Bend Brook Trail*Scaur Ridge Trail*Snow's Mt Access Road*Cascade Path(West)*Norway Rapids Trail
11/21/2015 Rambling below the Northern Presi's Presidential Range Rail Trail*Lowe's Path*The Link*Cabin Cascades Trail*Log Cabin Cutoff
11/14/2015 Mt Garfield Garfield Trail*Garfield Ridge Trail
11/8/2015 Pine Mt Pine Mt Road*Ledge Trail*Pine Mt Trail
10/31/2015 Mt Webster and Mt Jackson Webster Cliff Trail*Webster-Jackson Trail*Bugle Cliff spur*Elephant Head Spur*Roadwalk
10/30/2015 Bumbling on Trails in Stark, NH Old Summer Club Trail*Old Summer Club Connector*Rowell Link
10/30/2015 Sugarloaf Mt Sugarloaf Mtn Trail
10/28/2015 Frankenstein Cliff, Ripley and Arethusa Falls Frankenstein Cliff Trail*Falcon Cliff Spur*Arethusa-Ripley Falls trail*Arethusa Falls Trail*Bemis Brook Trail
10/27/2015 Mt Prospect Mt Prospect Auto Road*Davidge Path*Around the Mountain Trail*Old Carriage Path
10/27/2015 South and North Percy Percy Peaks Trail*Old Summer Camp Trail*South Percy Spur*Percy Loop Trail
10/26/2015 Province Pond Province Brook Trail
10/26/2015 Kearsarge North Kearsarge Trail*Weeks Brook Trail*Roadwalk*Ride
10/24/2015 Haystack Notch Haystack Notch Trail
10/23/2015 Miles Notch, Red Rock Mt and Butters Mt Miles Notch Trail*Red Rock Trail*Great Brook Trail
10/19/2015 Kilburn Crags, North and Middle Sugarloaf Kilburn Crags Trail*Trestle Trail*Sugarloaf Trail
10/17/2015 Albany Mt Trail, Albany Brook Trail and Wheeler Brook Trail Albany Mt Trail*Albany Brook Trail*Wheeler Brook Trail
10/12/2015 Reel Brook Trail and Kinsman Ridge Trail Reel Brook Trail and Kinsman Ridge Trail
10/3/2015 Shelburne Moriah and Moriah Shelburne Trail, Kenduskeag Trail, Carter Moriah Trail, Moriah spur, Rattle River Trail and Roadwalk
9/26/2015 Mt Blue, Moosilauke and South Peak Beaver Brook Trail*Beaver Brook Shelter spur*Mt Blue spur*Carriage Road*South Peak spur*Snapper Trail*Gorge Brook Trail
9/19/2015 Osgood Trail, Thompson Falls Trail, Square Ledge Trail and Glen Boulder Trail Great Gulf Trail*Osgood Trail*Thompson Falls Trail*Square Ledge Trail*Glen Boulder Trail
9/18/2015 Huntington Ravine, Ball Crag, Mt Washington and Boott Spur Tuckerman Ravine Trail*Huntington Ravine Trail*Nelson Crag Trail*Lawn Cut-off*Davis Path*Boott Spur Trail*Boott Spur Link
9/12/2015 Cannon Mt Lonesome Lake Trail*Hi-Cannon Trail*Kinsman Ridge Trail*Franconia Notch Recreation Path
8/29/2015 Noon Peak, Jennings Peak and Sandwich Dome Sandwich Mt Trail*Jennings Peak Spur*Drakes Brook Trail
8/22/2015 Owl's Head and Mt Martha Owl's Head Trail*Martha's Mile*Cherry Mt Trail*Roadwalk
8/15/2015 The Roost and Caribou Mt Roost Trail*Roadwalk*Mud Brook Trail*Caribou Trail
9/7/2015 Paul's Path Various Wood Trails
9/6/2015 Deboullie Mt and Black Mt Deboullie Shoreline Trail*Deboullie Mt Trail*Black Mt Overlook Trail
7/25/2015 Mt Madison Howker Ridge Trail*Osgood Trail*Watson Path*Valley Way*Brookside*Presidential Range Rail Trail
7/18/2015 Pine Hill and Lord Hill Conant Path*Mine Hill Connector*Mine Hill Loop Trail*Horseshoe Pond Trail
8/22/2015 Cherry Pond and Little Cherry Pond Pondicherry Rail Trail*Observation Deck Spur*Waumbek Link*Short Path*Little Cherry Pond Loop Trail*Rampart Path
7/11/2015 Blueberry Mt, Shell Pond, Deer Hill and Little Deer Hill White Cairn Trail*Blueberry Ridge Trail*Outlook Loop*Stone House Trail*Shell Pond Trail*Shell Pond Loop*Deer Hills Trail*Deer Hill Spring Spur*Frost Trail*Ledges Trail*Ledges Connector*Deer Hill Connector*Leach Link Trail*Deer Hill By-Pass
8/8/2015 Mt Monadnock Dublin Trail
8/22/2015 Mud Pond Mud Pond Trail
8/22/2015 Boy Mt Boy Mt Path
8/2/2015 Mt Willard and a Couple of Lakes Willard Trail*Saco Lake Trail*Around the Lake Trail*Red Bench Trail*AMC Stewardship Trail
7/5/2015 Mt Chocorua and Bald Mt Liberty Trail*Hammond Trail*Weetamoo Trail*Roadwalk
7/3/2015 Speckled Mt and Durgin Mt Cold Brook Trail*Evergreen Link Trail*Red Rock Trail*Great Brook Trail*Roadwalk
6/27/2015 Mt Franklin, Mt Eisenhower & Mt Pierce Ammonoosuc Ravine Trail*Crawford Path*Mt Eisenhower Loop*Webster Cliff Trail*Mizpah Cut-Off*Crawford Cliff Spur*Crawford Connector*Roadwalk
6/20/2015 Mt Jefferson Presidential Range Rail Trail*Castle Trail*Jefferson Loop Trail*The Cornice*Raymond Path*Gulfside Trail*Israel Ridge Path*Perch Path
6/14/2015 Mt Whiteface Flat Mt Pond Trail*McCrillis Trail*Rollins Trail*Kate Sleeper Trail*Blueberry Ledge Trail*Tom Wiggin Trail*McCrillis Path*Road Walk
6/6/2015 Black Mt Pond Guinea Pond Trail*Black Mt Pond Trail*Mary Cary Falls Spur*Algonquin Trail*Sandwich Notch Road
5/30/2015 Third and Middle Sister with Nickerson and Carter Ledge Carter Ledge Trail*Nickerson Ledge Trail*Middle Sister Trail
5/25/2015 Carr Mt Three Ponds Trail*Carr Mt Trail*Mt Kineo Trail
5/23/2015 Blueberry Mt, Speckled Mt and Spruce Hill Bickford Brook Trail*Bickford Slides Loop*Blueberry Ridge Trail*Outlook Loop*Spruce Hill Trail
5/16/2015 Middle Mt, Peaked Mt, Black Cap Mt and Cranmore Mt Pudding Pond Trail*Pudding Pond Connector*Middle Mt Trail*Middle Mt Connector*Peaked Mt Trail*Peaked Mt Connector*Black Cap Connector*Black Cap Spur Trail*Black Cap Trail*Cranmore Trail
5/9/2015 White Ledge White Ledge Loop Trail
5/9/2015 East Doublehead Thompson Road*Doublehead Trail*Crawford Ridgepole Trail
5/9/2015 Waternomee Falls Carr Mt Trail*Waternomee Falls Spur
5/2/2015 Carr Mt Carr Mt Trail*Waternomee Falls Spur
4/25/2015 Cobble Hill Trail Cobble Hill Trail
4/25/2015 Black Mt(Benton) Black Mt Trail
4/18/2015 Black Mt(Benton) Chippewa Trail
4/18/2015 Blueberry Mt Blueberry Mt Trail
4/11/2015 Cooley Hill Jericho Road Trail
4/11/2015 Georgiana Falls and Whitehouse Trail Georgiana Falls Path*Whitehouse Trail*Franconia Notch Recreational Path
4/4/2015 South Tripyramid Attempt Livermore Trail*Mt Tripyramid Trail
3/28/2015 Mt Willey and Mt Field Ethan Pond Trail*Willey Range Trail*A-Z Trail*Zealand Trail*Ethan Pond Spur*Kendron Flume Trail*Roadwalk
3/21/2015 Mt Martha Cherry Mt Road*Cherry Mt Trail
3/14/2015 Mt Flume Lincoln Woods Trail*Osseo Trail*Franconia Ridge Trail
3/7/2015 Mt Surprise and Mt Moriah Carter Moriah Trail
2/7/2015 Mt Cube Quinttown Road*Kodak Trail*Hexacuba Shelter Spur*Cross Rivendell Trail*Baker Road
2/28/2015 Old Speck Mt Old Speck Trail*Eyebrow Trail*Mahoosuc Trail
1/24/2015 Smarts Mt Mousley Brook Trail*Daniel Doan Trail*Unplanned Bushwhack*Lambert Ridge Trail*J Trail*Quinttown Road
2/21/2015 Blueberry Mt Long Pond Road*Blueberry Mt Trail
1/17/2015 The AT, Holts Ledge and almost Smarts Holts Ledge Trail*Dorchester Road AT section*Lambert Ridge Trail*Ranger Trail*Dorchester Road
1/10/2015 The AT, Moose Mt and Holts Ledge Moose Mt Trail*Holts Ledge Trail
1/3/2015 The AT and Moose Mt Hanover Center Trail*Moose Mt Trail*Moose Mt Shelter spur*Nat Thompson Trail*Old Fred Harris Cabin Trail*New Fred Harris Cabin Trail*Fred Harris Trail
1/1/2015 The AT and Velvet Rocks Velvet Rocks Trail*The AT thru Hanover streets*Hanover Center Trail
1/14/2015 Sunday (Mt) on a Saturday Cross Rivendell Trail*Summit Spur
12/26/2014 Revenge of Three Ponds Trail Three Ponds Trail*Donkey Hill Cutoff*Bushwhack*Snowmobile Trails
12/21/2014 Three Ponds Trail Attempt Three Ponds Trail
11/22/2014 The AT and Mt Cube Atwell Hill Trail*Ore Hill Trail*Mt Cube Trail
11/15/2014 Webster Slide Mt and Mt Mist Wachipauka Pond Trail*Webster Slide Trail*Town Line Trail
2/1/2015 North Pack Monadnock Wapack Trail*Cliff Trail
11/9/2014 Gordon Pond and Mt Wolf Gordon Pond Trail*Kinsman Ridge Trail*Long Road Walk
11/1/2014 Greeley Ponds and Flume Brook Greeley Ponds Trail*Flume Brook Trail*Timber Camp Trail*New Greeley Ponds Trail
10/19/2014 Black Mt (Jackson) East Pasture Trail*Black Mt Cutoff*Black Mt Trail
10/12/2014 Mt Crag and Middle Mt Peabody Brook Trail*Dryad Fall Trail*Austin Brook Trail*Yellow Trail*Gates Brook Trail*Middle Mt Trail
10/5/2014 Peaked Hill Pond Peaked Hill Pond Trail
10/5/2014 Stinson Mt Stinson Mt Trail*Snowmobile Trail
10/5/2014 Rattlesnake Mt (Rumney) Rattlesnake Mt Trail*Loop Trail*Unmarked Trails*Roadwalk
9/27/2014 Nelson Crag, Ball Crag and Mt Washington Old Jackson Road*Nelson Crag Trail*Auto Road*Alpine Garden Trail*Southside Trail*Davis Path*Camel Trail*Tuckerman Crossover*Tuckerman Ravine Trail*Raymond Path
9/20/2014 Various Trails on Mt Chocorua Champney Falls Trail*Champney Falls Cut Off*Middle Sister Trail*Piper Trail*West Side Trail*Brook Trail*Bolles Trail*Bee Line Trail
8/23/2014 Owls Head and the Lower Pemi Loop Lincoln Woods Trail*Franconia Brook Trail*Lincoln Brook Trail*Owls Head Path*Franconia Falls Trail
8/16/2014 Mt Washington Old Jackson Road*Madison Gulf Trail*Osgood Cutoff*Osgood Trail*Parapet Trail*Star Lake Trail*Gulfside Trail
8/2/2014 Various trails on Mt Washington Old Jackson Road*George's Gorge Trail*Liebeskind's Loop*Crew Cut Trail*Madison Gulf Trail*Great Gulf Trail*Wamsutta Trail*Auto Road
7/26/2014 Mt Washington Tuckerman Ravine Trail*Lion Head Trail*Raymond Path
6/29/2014 Lafayette, Lincoln and Little Haystack Old Bridle Path*Greenleaf Trail*Franconia Ridge Trail*Falling Waters Trail
6/19/2014 Appalachian Trail Appalachian Trail
6/7/2014 Mt Madison Great Gulf Link Trail*Great Gulf Trail*Madison Gulf Trail*Parapet Trail*Star Lake Trail*Osgood Trail*Daniel Webster Scout Trail
6/6/2014 Mt Monadnock Marlboro Trail*Dublin Trail
6/3/2014 Mt Monadnock Old Halfway House Road*Parker Trail*Cliff Walk Trail*Smith Connecting Trail*Amphitheatre Trail*White Arrow Trail*Smith Summit Trail*Monte Rosa Trail*Old Halfway House Trail
6/1/2014 Mt Kearsarge Winslow Trail*Barlow Trail
5/30/2014 Thumb Mt and Skatutakee Mt Harriskat Trail*Thumbs Down Trail*Thumbs Up Trail
5/29/2014 Crotched Mt Link Trail*Summit East Trail*Upper Link Trail*Shannon's Trail* Lower Link Trail
5/28/2014 North Pack Trails Ted's Trail*Carolyn's Trail
5/27/2014 North Pack Monadnock Wapack Trail*Cliff Trail
5/22/2014 Tucker Brook Town Forest Ridge Trail*Brook Trail*Lower Path
4/5/2014 Middle Mt on Pawtuckaway Tower Road*Middle Mt Trail*South Ridge Connector*South Ridge Trail*Shaw Trail*Split Rock Trail*Woronoco Trail*Mountain Trail*Round Pond Trail
8/30/2014 Ice Gulch and Mt Crescent Ice Gulch Path*Peboamauk Loop*Cook Path*Boothman Spring Cutoff*Mt Crescent Trail*Crescent Ridge Trail*Carlton Notch Trail*Castleview Loop
8/10/2014 Mt Hayes and Cascade Mt Centennial Trail*Mahoosuc Trail
5/20/2014 Granite Town Rail Trail Granite Town Rail Trail
9/13/2014 Mt Paugus Bickford Trail*Old Paugus Trail*Lawrence Trail*Bee Line Trail*Bolles Trail*Bee Line Cutoff*Brook Trail
9/7/2014 Square Ledge Cabin Trail*Big Rock Cave Trail*Whitin Trail*Old Paugus Trail*Lawrence Trail*Oliverian Brook Trail*Passaconaway Cutoff*Square Ledge Trail*Square Ledge Branch Trail
7/12/2014 Mt Moosilauke High St*Town Line Trail*Tunnel Brook Trail*Tunnel Brook Road*Benton Trail*Beaver Brook Trail*Carriage Road*Glencliff Trail
7/19/2014 Slide Peak, Boott Spur and Mt Washington Direttissima Trail*Glen Boulder Trail*Davis Path*Westside Trail*Gulfside Trail*Tuckerman Ravine Trail*Lawn Cutoff*Boott Spur Trail
3/29/2014 North and South Pawtuckaway Mts North Mt Trail*Boulder Trail*Round Pond Trail/Road*Unknown Trail*South Ridge Trail*Mountain Trail*Tower Road
3/23/2014 Hubbard Brook Trail Hubbard Brook Trail*Forest Road 22
3/16/2014 Three Ponds Loop Three Ponds Trail*Carr Mt Trail*Donkey Hill Cutoff*Mt Kineo Trail
3/9/2014 North Pack and Pack Monadnock Wapack Trail*Cliff Trail
3/1/2014 Mt Chocorua Piper Trail
2/22/2014 Mt Katherine Blueberry Ledge Trail*Blueberry Ledge Cutoff*McCrillis Path*Tilton Spring Path*Pasture Path*Red Path
2/16/2014 Potash Mt Downes Brook Trail*Mount Potash Trail
2/8/2014 Hedgehog Mt UNH Trail
11/30/2013 Numerous RMC Trails Ledge Trail*Notchway*Pasture Path*Grassy Lane*Bee Line*Burnbrae Path*Wood Path*Diagonal*Short Circuit*EZ Way*Groveway*Glenside*Bluffway
11/23/2013 Mt Crescent and Mt Randolph Vyron D Lowe Trail*Crescent Ridge Trail*Four Soldiers Path*Underhill Path*Pasture Path*Ledge Trail*Sargent Path
11/16/2013 Discovery Trail Discovery Trail
11/16/2013 Livermore Trail Livermore Trail*Old Skidder Trail*Flume Brook Trail
11/9/2013 Doublehead, Squam and Percival Crawford Ridgepole Trail
11/4/2013 Pumpelly Cave Birchtoft Trail*Cascade Link Trail*Bushwhack*Pumpelly Trail*Spellman Trail*Harling Trail*Hinkley Trail
10/19/2013 Moosilauke Carriage Road*Hurricane Trail*Al Merrill Loop*Asquam Ridge Trail*Gorge Brook Trail*Glencliff Trail*Snapper Trail
10/12-13/2013 Pemigewasset Wilderness Pemi East Side Trail*Wilderness Trail*Shoal Pond Trail*Thoreau Falls Trail*Pine Island Trail
9/21/2013 Madison and John Quincy Adams Valley Way Trail*Gulfside Trail*Bushwhack*Airline Trail
9/7/2013 Wildcat E, D, C, B & A Lost Pond Trail*Wildcat Ridge Trail*Nineteen-mile Brook Trail
8/25/2013 Dilly Trail Dilly Trail
8/17/2013 South, Middle and North Moat Moat Mt Trail
8/10/2013 Monadnock_II White Dot Trail*White Cross Trail
6/29/2013 Sandwich Dome_II Flat Mt Pond Trail*Bennett St Trail*Gleason Trail(closed)*Gleason Trail(open)*Flat Mt Pond Trail*Guinea Pond Trail*Flat Mt Pond Trail
6/22/2013 Mt Hale and Zeacliff Hale Brook Trail*Lend-A-Trail*Twinway*Zealand Pond Spur*Zeacliff Trail*Ethan Pond Trail*Zealand Trail
6/15-16/2013 Mt Tremont and Sawyer Pond Sawyer River Road*Route 302*Mt Tremont Trail*Brunel Trail*Sawyer Pond Trail*Sawyer River Trail
6/8/2013 Purgatory Falls Purgatory Brook Trail*Upton Road*Purgatory Road*Wah Lum Loop*Upland Trail
5/12/2013 Wapack Trail Wapack Trail
5/4/2013 Mt Monadnock Pumpelly Trail
5/3/2013 Pinnacle, Lyndeborough Mt and Rose Mt Snowmobile Trail*Helen's Trail*Old Wood Trails
5/3/2013 Winn Mt Winn Mt Trail
2/5/2012 North Pack Monadnock Sunrise Wapack Trail*Cliff Trail
4/27/2013 North Pack Monadnock Ted's Trail*Cliff Trail*Carolyn's Trail
4/26/2013 North Pack Monadnock Ted's Trail*Cliff Trail*Carolyn's Trail
4/21/2013 Eagle Cliff and Red Hill Eagle Cliff Trail*Bypass Trail*Red Hill Loop Trail*Red Hill Trail*Teedie Trail*Roadwalk
3/30/2013 Mt Tremont Attempt Roadwalk*Mt Tremont Trail
3/17/2013 Black Mt Smarts Brook Trail*Bushwhack*Algonquin Trail*Sandwich Mt Trail
3/9/2013 Cannon Mt Pemi Trail*Lonesome Lake Trail*Hi-Cannon Trail*Dodge Cutoff Trail*Kinsman Ridge Trail*Rim Trail
3/2/2013 Fletcher's Cascade Drakes Brook Trail-Fletcher's Cascade Trail
3/2/2013 Welch and Dickey Mts Welch-Dickey Trail
2/23/2013 Waterville Valley II Livermore Trail-Greeley Ponds Trail-Goodrich Rock Trail-Timber Camp Trail-Scaur Trail- Kettles Path-Big Pines Path
2/16/2013 Mt Wonalancet Hedgehog Old Mast Road Trail-Walden Trail-Lawrence Trail-Kelley Trail-Gordon Path_Roadwalk
2/10/2013 Greenleaf Trail Greenleaf Trail
2/2/2013 Passaconaway and More Dicey's Mill Trail-East Loop Trail-Walden Trail-Wonalancet Range Trail-Wonalancer Range Cutoff Trail-Old Mast Road
1/27/2013 North and South Kinsman Basin-Cascades Trail-Cascade Brook Trail-Kinsman Pond Trail-Kinsman Ridge Trail-Fishin' Jimmy Trail-Around Lonesome Lake Trail-Lonesome Lake Trail-Cascade Brook Trail-Pemi Trail
1/19/2013 Skookumchuck Trail Skookumchuck Trail
1/12/2013 Mt Pemigewasset Indian Head Trail-Pemigewasset Trail-Roadwalk
1/12/2013 Bald Mt and Artists Bluff Veteran's Trail-Bald Mt Spur-Loop Trail-Short Circuit Trail
1/12/2013 Bridal Veil Falls Coppermine Trail-Roadwalk
1/5/2013 Mt Webster Old Mountain Road-Crawford-Ridgepole Trail
12/29/2012 Mt Morgan-Mt Percival Mt Morgan Trail-Crawford-Ridgepole Trail-Percival Trail-Morse Trail
12/22/2012 Mt Israel Wentworth Trail-Mead Trail-Guinea Pond Trail-Guinea Pond Spur-Sandwich Notch Road-Bearcamp River Trail
12/15/2012 Hurricane Mt-Mt Jim-Mt Blue-Moosilauke-South Peak Glencliff Trail-Hurricane Trail-Carriage Road-Asquam Ridge Trail-Beaver Brook Trail-Carriage Road-South Peak Spur-Glencliff Trail
12/9/2012 West and East Rattlesnake Roadwalk-Undercut Trail-Ramsey Trail-Pasture Trail-Col Trail-Five Finger Point Trail-East Rattlesnake Trail-Butterworth Trail-Ridge Trail-Old Bridle Path
12/1/2012 Flat Mountain Pond Flat Mountain Pond Trail-Roadwalk
11/25/2012 Cotton Mt and Mt Livermore Cotton Mountain Trail-Crawford-Ridgepole Trail-Old Mountain Road-Old Highway-Prescott Trail-Roadwalk
11/23/2012 Little Haystack and Mount Liberty Old Bridle Path-Falling Waters Trail-Shining Rock Spur-Franconia Ridge Trail-Liberty Spring Trail-Cascade Brook Trail-Pemi Trail
11/17/2012 Sandwich Dome Sandwich Mountain Trail-Jennings Peak Spur-Drakes Brook Trail
9/23/2012 Garfield Ridge Trail Garfield Trail-Garfield Ridge Trail-Gale River Trail-Roadwalk
9/8/2012 Waterville Valley Area Cascade Path-Elephant Rock Trail-Greeley Ledge Trail-Snows Mountain Trail-Norway Rapids Trail-Boulder Path
9/8/2012 Little East Pond Little East Pond Trail-East Pond Loop Trail
9/1/2012 Osceola and Tecumseh Mount Osceola Trail-Mount Tecumseh Trail-Sosman Trail
8/31/2012 Thoughts on the 48 none